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3-Year Olds

Our 3’s program focuses on social/emotional development as they meet new friends and grow in independence.

Preschoolers will explore engaging classroom centers as they grow in vocabulary and begin to form concepts of print and math literacy.

Children will create art projects, sing and learn about the world God made.

Program Highlights

Bible Verses/Bible Stories

Each month children learn a new Bible Verse with motions. The verse is recited each day. Bible stories are read once a week.

Show and Tell

Once or twice a month, children will be instructed to bring a themed show and tell (a picture of their family, something that is red, a bug in a container, etc.)

Daily Art/Craft Projects

Children love creating their own art or participating in a hands-on craft of the day. We will be painting, gluing, drawing, and making a variety of creations!

Creative Play Centers

We have 50 play centers that are used in the classroom throughout the year. Some examples include: construction workshops, airplane runways, doctor's office, McDonalds, bakery, grocery store and more!

Gym Time

Every day, children will have 25 minutes of large motor activities. Our facility has a wonderful, large, 2-story indoor play center and also a large motor room with bikes, balls, a balance beam and more.


Each week is centered on a theme. All crafts and art projects, book readings, activities, and games revolve around the weekly theme. Some themes that we will cover during the year are nature, seeds, leaves, pumpkins, birds, safety, food groups, colors, shapes, animals, and more!


Once a week children participate in a music class instructed by a trained Musikgarten teacher. Children will play bells, drums, dance with scarves, and enjoy music.

Class Options




9:00–11:30 AM




9:00–11:30 AM


Older Three-Year-Olds 

9:00—11:30 AM

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