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Featured Enrichment Programs


Once a week the children will participate in a music and movement class taught by a specially trained and certified Music teacher at no additional charge. Children will sing and play musical instruments such as hand drums, rhythm sticks, guiros, shakers, bells and xylophones. 


They will also use the stretchy band, play parachute games, move with scarves, hoops, and ribbons, and enjoy creative musical hands-on experiences that help create brain connections which engage the whole brain in a way that no other discipline does!


Spanish Enrichment Class

Tuesday, 11:30-12:45

4s and Pre-K only

Limited number of students accepted


Come join us for a fun and engaging Spanish enrichment class! In this class, we will be learning beginning Spanish through songs, dance, videos, books, games, crafts, and gross motor movement. We also provide weekly vocabulary sheets to practice at home with your child


This class is an extra class offered to students in the 4’s and Pre-K classes. It meets once a week on Tuesdays from 11:30-12:45. A snack is provided. The cost is $365.00 for 30 weeks of class


Contact Gwen VanderVeen ( if you are interested in signing up for this class

Play and Learning

Pretend Play

Early childhood experts say that preschoolers thrive when they can experience new materials, roles, ideas, and activities—especially in pretend play.

That’s why the Wheaton Bible Church Preschool has created more than thirty pretend-play centers that rotate through our classrooms on a weekly basis. The children have the opportunity to explore, create, role-play, and interact with other children with a new play center each and every week. Some of their favorites are the Birthday Party Center, the Fire and Police Centers, Grocery Store Center, Dinosaur Center, Magnetic Center, Snow and Ice Centers, and the Bug Center.


Social/Emotional Development

Preschoolers’ social and emotional development influences their success in being able to focus on learning.

A child’s social experiences with other children in the preschool years may help develop social skills and confidence that enable her/him to make friends in subsequent years. These experiences also enhance a child’s social competence and academic achievement. The teachers at Wheaton Bible Church Preschool lovingly help each child to express their feelings and develop their understanding of sharing with others. Our caring and experienced teachers also encourage preschoolers to listen and follow directions, and to develop self-control and a sense of responsibility. Preschoolers make important cognitive gains that are the foundation for their life in being eager, enthusiastic, and successful learners.


Structured Experiences

For many of the preschoolers attending the Wheaton Bible Church Preschool, this is their first structured school experience.

The teachers realize that they are providing learning experiences that are setting the foundation for life-long learners. Young children learn best through active exploration of their environment, participating in both child-initiated and teacher-selected activities. Activities and curriculum utilize Illinois Early Learning Standards for Preschoolers by teaching language arts, writing, math, social studies, science, large motor / gym and music.


Growing God’s Way

Preschoolers were created and made in the image of God.

The Wheaton Bible Church Preschool teaches the Bible and shares God’s loving care for each child. A child is never too young to know that God exists, that God the Father, and Jesus, His Son, love them, and that God desires to care for them. In these years are when the foundation of children’s character is being formed and developed, we partner with parents in helping them grow God’s way.

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