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Our Pre-kindergarten program uses a wide variety of themes and activities to develop a child's ability to constructively participate in a group and to develop strong listening skills.


The program focuses on learning reading, math, science, and school readiness skills. They participate in monthly special activities and field trips. It is an enriching program that is ideal for a child who would benefit from taking an additional year before starting kindergarten.


Children in this class have either turned 5 over the summer or will be turning 5 by January 31st.

Program Highlights

Bible Stories/Songs/Moral Character 

Each week, children are taught Bible Stories, Bible Verses, and songs and participate in activities which emphasize good moral character qualities. Children enjoy acting out the stories and doing other games and activities that go along with Bible Stories.


Our program uses hands on discovery with experiments that correlate with our themes. We investigate properties of magnets, light, hibernation, migration, sink vs. float, fossils, seed dispersal, plant and insect parts, life cycles, seasons, plants and animals in different habitats etc.

Reading and Language Arts

Pre-K uses a combination of literacy programs: Frog Street Letter Song books and a portion of Jolly Phonics actions to teach letter recognition and letter sound association, phonemic awareness and rhyming activities, retelling information from a story, sequencing, comprehension, book awareness, environmental print and tracking print.

Daily Art/Craft Projects

Every day, children participate in fun, hands on art and craft projects. Children enjoy cutting, gluing, painting, coloring, and creating.

Math Activities

A hands on math curriculum that explores quantity, numbers, counting, one-to-one correspondence, sorting, one to whole, classifying, patterns, measurement, comparing sets, of objects, using less and more, less and equal, simple addition and subtraction using manipulative.

Large Motor Time

We have 3 indoor large motor areas. The third is a large gym where we have monthly bike days and play large motor games. On nice days, we also go outside to play in the playground behind the church.


Each week is centered on a theme. From there, crafts and art projects, book readings, activities, and games revolve around the the weekly theme. Some themes that we will cover during the year are: dinosaurs, space exploration, Australia, China, trees, leaves, animals in winter, butterflies and insects, penguins and polar bears, sea creatures, art appreciation, safety, snow & ice and more!

Class Options



12:45–3:15 pm





9:00–11:30 am

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